Fabric Dyeing Service

The field of fabric dyeing is also a strength of Hoang Dung textile company. With a wealth of experience and a long-term technical team along with a system of modern machinery and equipment, we accept dyeing and processing a variety of fabrics, with a variety of color requirements and techniques. different dyeing techniques.

We firmly believe that your needs will be best met:

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What dyeing technologies does Hoang Dung use?

At Hoang Dung textile company, the most advanced dyeing technologies are always prioritized to achieve the best productivity and quality such as:

1. Direct dyeing

With direct dyeing technology (Direct Dyestuff) is the most popular dyeing technology today, low cost, high yield, so it is widely used to dye mass fabrics.

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2. Active dyeing

Dyeing technology with reactive dyes (Reactive Dyestuff) is a more advanced dyeing technology than direct dyeing technology. Meet more stringent requirements for color luster, light fastness and friction.

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3. Reconstituted Dyeing

Dyeing with reconstituted dyes is one of the most complex and specific dyeing technologies. The outstanding advantage of this dyeing technology is that it provides good color fastness when washing in a bleaching environment like Zavel.

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And a number of other technologies are being studied for application.

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