Hoang Dung Textile and Garment Co., Ltd. supplies and manufactures a variety of fabrics for garment export and fashion, for high-class workwear, and fabrics for school uniforms. Birth, office as well as light industry. Applying the advanced dyeing and finishing line, we receive dyeing and needle tensioning to shape a variety of fabrics and colors depending on the needs of customers.

With understanding, deep attachment and enthusiasm for the industry, boldly investing in modern equipment, the company has made very sustainable development steps to create a sustainable and recognized Hoang Dung textile brand. Recognized by national and international customers, making the company’s competitive position increasingly firm.

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Sourcing Textile Solutions

Fabric Production

From the time when using very manual technology, until now, with Tsudakoma’s most modern chain of air and sword weaving machines, Hoang Dung textile company accepts orders and provides a variety of types. Like:

✓ 100% cotton khaki fabric

✓ Fabric blend 83/17 or 65/35 (2/1 diagonal design; 3/1 cross)

✓ Dotted fabric

Along with many fabrics with other designs that customers require

Proud to be a manufacturer with a large quantity, the monthly output of consumption reaches over 1 million meters, Hoang Dung will surely provide better products to customers with the commitment:

✓ The most reasonable price

✓ Highest quality

✓ Fastest progress

✓ Best customer care service

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Fabric Dyeing Service

What dyeing technologies does Hoang Dung use?

The field of fabric dyeing is also a strength of a Hoang Dung textile company. With a wealth of experience and a long-term technical team, we accept dyeing and processing a variety of fabrics, with a variety of colour requirements and different dyeing techniques to meet the needs of customers. Row.

At our company, the most advanced dyeing technologies are always prioritized to achieve the best productivity and quality such as:

Dyeing Directly Active Dyeing Reconstituted Dyeing

Fabric Printing Service

Pigment Printing Technology

This technology is most commonly applied in the floral (cotton) printing industry for fabrics applied in most industries: Shorts tailor; sun protection clothing; military camouflage…

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Active Printing Technology

This is the most advanced printing technology today. This technology is most commonly applied in the flower (cotton) printing industry for textiles, bedding, pillows, etc.

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Why Choose Hoang Dung Fabric Printing Service?

In order to meet the maximum needs of customers, while minimizing waiting time as well as transportation costs, Hoang Dung textile and garment company boldly invested in Stork branded spindle mesh fabric printing line. Imported directly from Europe. It is one of the world’s leading brands of fabric printers.

We have also invested in a system of design, printing and printing at the company so that when you have any design, we can create a sample for customers to review. Before putting into printing, thereby meeting the highest requirements of customers in terms of time as well as product quality.

At Hoang Dung, you will receive the best service. Customer satisfaction is Hoang Dung’s highest goal. We always uphold credibility in business, to be able to build a strong brand in the market and towards sustainable development!

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