Active Fabric Dyeing Technology

Fabric dyeing technology using reactive dyes is a more advanced dyeing technology than direct dyeing technology. With direct dyeing technology, some colors cannot be dyed, but reactive dyeing technology can ensure those colors due to the different characteristics of the drug base and different processes.

This Active Fabric Dyeing Technology has the following advantages:

  • Good color fastness
  • Dyeing bright colors

This technology has the following disadvantages:

  • High cost of pretreatment and chemicals, especially with some colors such as blue, blue E
  • Longer dyeing time

With the application of reactive dyeing technology, it is possible to meet a variety of items with requirements from good to good. Items for the sewing of goods for export will often have to use reactive dyeing.

At Hoang Dung, you will be consulted to apply the dyeing technology that best meets the requirements of customers with the lowest cost. Long-time technicians will ensure to bring customers beautiful glossy fabric surface and best color fastness.



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