Reconstituted Fabric Dyeing Technology

Fabric dyeing technology using reconstituted dyes is not as popular as current dyeing technology using direct or reactive dyes due to its high cost and incompatible with market requirements. as industries.

The advantages of reconstituted dyeing technology are as follows:

  • Withstands color fastness to washing chemicals like Zavel
  • Light fastness, very good friction
  • Dyeing 100% cotton fabric for bright colors and smooth, glossy surface

Besides the advantages, this technology still has disadvantages such as:

  • High cost of dyeing chemicals
  • Dyeing time is extended
  • More difficult in the process of wastewater treatment

This dyeing technology is most commonly applied in the medical and doctor uniform industry due to the requirement of good color fastness in the chemical washing environment of Zavel bleach and some other specific industries.

At Hoang Dung, you will be consulted to apply the dyeing technology that best meets the requirements of customers with the lowest cost. Long-time technicians will ensure to bring customers beautiful glossy fabric surface and best color fastness.



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