Fabric Printing Service

Why Choose Hoang Dung Fabric Printing Service?

1. European imported fabric printing line

In order to meet the maximum needs of customers, while minimizing waiting time as well as transportation costs, Hoang Dung textile and garment company boldly invested in Stork branded spindle mesh fabric printing line. Imported directly from Europe. It is one of the world’s leading brands of fabric printers.

The printer has 8 colors, with very high printing accuracy because the printheads are all electronically adjusted, surely the patterns and textures required by customers will be met. With this line, Hoang Dung’s customers can order woven fabrics according to the required design, then dye the background at our company, and finally can transfer the dyed fabric through the Stork fabric printing line according to the design. your design without waiting time, shipped to another place for printing to be completed. This will help a lot in being proactive and saving your costs.

2. Design and printing system

We have also invested in a system of design, printing and printing at the company so that when you have any design, we can create a sample for customers to review. before putting into printing, thereby meeting the highest requirements of customers in terms of time as well as product quality.


3. Hoang Dung is committed to service quality

✓ The most reasonable price

✓ Highest quality

✓ Fastest progress

✓ Best customer care service

What printing techniques does Hoang Dung use?

1. PIGMENT PRINTING: See details

2. ACTIVE PRINT: View details

At Hoang Dung, you can order the fabric you require, you can request it to be dyed and then printed according to your requirements right at Hoang Dung. We understand that “Time is gold”. Therefore, we want to provide the most complete services for you to be most convenient for your business.

Please contact the sales department for more details about this fabric printing service.



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