Fabric Production

Talking about Hoang Dung Textile Co., Ltd., it is impossible not to mention the tradition of weaving from the past. Originally a textile complex in Hoa Hau – Ly Nhan – Ha Nam, weaving, weaving technology has become a very familiar part of Hoang Dung company.

From the time when using very manual technology, until now, with Tsudakoma’s most modern chain of air and sword weaving machines, Hoang Dung textile company accepts orders and provides a variety of types. like:

✓ 100% cotton khaki fabric

✓ 83/17 or 65/35 blend fabric (2/1 twill; 3/1 twill design)

✓ Dotted fabric

along with a variety of fabrics with other designs required by the customer.

Proud to be a manufacturer with a large quantity, the monthly output of consumption reaches over 1 million meters, Hoang Dung will surely provide good products to customers with the commitment:

✓ The most reasonable price

✓ Highest quality

✓ Fastest progress

✓ Best customer care service

to be able to achieve your satisfaction.

In addition to the field of fabric production, our company also provides a variety of high-quality yarns at reasonable prices. Hoang Dung Company has a close relationship with many spinning mills across the country, which will surely bring the most practical benefits in the business and production of customers.

Please contact the sales department for more details about this service.



» Phone number: 0905 606 616 (Mr. Dung)

» Address: Lot C1, N4 street, Hoa Xa Industrial Park, Loc Hoa Ward, City. Nam Dinh

» Email: dungtt@hoangdungtex.com