Pigment Printing Technology

Pigment printing technology is the most popular printing technology today. This technology is most commonly applied in the floral (cotton) printing industry for fabrics applied in most industries: Shorts tailor; sun protection clothing; military camouflage; and other purposes. Currently, Hoang Dung has an 8-color round-screen printer imported from Europe and a modern closed printing design system that brings convenience, diversity and high product quality to customers.

Pigment printing technology, also known as “Vicc cement”, has the following advantages:

  • Easier printing process
  • Pattern color is not as deep as active

Some downsides:

  • Low friction color fastness
  • The fabric surface is less soft, smoother than active printing

Hoang Dung understands that time is gold, so we want to bring a closed service from Weaving to Dyeing to Printing to you. This can help you save time, reduce costs and control quality. There are very few units where you can find as many services as at Hoang Dung. You will surely be satisfied.

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